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Facility Design

SAR excels in repair and collision facility design, with a dedicated facility design team that invests the essential time to create an optimal layout for your facility. Our team collaborates with facility owners to analyze how various products can work in harmony to deliver the desired results alongside exceptional design. Whether the facility’s objective is to streamline technician productivity within their bays, enhance vehicle throughput in the shop, or make efficient use of space with vertical storage units, SAR is well-equipped to offer solutions that drive their success.

Facility Design & Layout

SAR can play a pivotal role in designing a new service facility or renovating an existing one. Our facility design team comprises experienced sales consultants, project managers, estimators, and CAD drafters who collectively assess the facility’s requirements in collaboration with the owner. They offer valuable insights into efficient design and layout while providing education on the full range of products available in the market. Our facility design team maintains ongoing meetings with owners during the project planning phase to fine-tune the layout as necessary. Throughout this process, our team works harmoniously with the architects and engineers involved in the project to produce AutoCAD drawings that are ready for permits, facilitating seamless design discussions.

SAR 1st Floor Layout
SAR 2nd Floor Layout Rev 1

Project Management

SAR is uniquely equipped and staffed to handle all aspects of a facility project. We maintain a team of full-time installers who ensure that the work is completed within the required timeframes, all while upholding superior quality standards. Our project managers oversee the coordination of various aspects, including the installation of lifts, paint booths, compressed air systems, fluid distribution systems, workstations, and parts shelving. This high level of coordination sets SAR apart from the competition.

As a project commences during the planning stages, a dedicated project manager collaborates with the owner, architect, and general contractor to synchronize field operations with other trades involved in the project. This proactive approach aids in keeping the project on schedule by establishing a primary point of contact for construction communication and facilitating the resolution of any construction-related conflicts in the field.

Equipment Specifications

SAR’s facility design team boasts extensive experience in drafting equipment specifications for automotive equipment projects. We engage in discussions with the owner, architect, or project engineer to identify the specific requirements of the necessary automotive equipment, and then proceed to compose equipment specifications that not only meet but also exceed those needs.

When our seasoned team becomes involved in a project, we conduct a comprehensive review of all project specifications, ensuring that the equipment proposed to complete the project aligns with or surpasses those specifications. This commitment to detail and quality assurance is integral to our approach.

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