About SAR

About SAR

SAR was established with an unwavering dedication to excellence. This commitment extends across our product range, our workmanship, and our customer service. Over the span of more than 40 years, SAR has continuously worked to reinforce this commitment in every facet, all with the ultimate aim of surpassing our customers’ expectations. We firmly believe that through this commitment, we can offer the finest equipment solutions to drive our customers’ success. For further insights into the SAR team and our history, please read on. We are eager to demonstrate our steadfast dedication to excellence.

The SAR Team

The SAR Team functions as a unified entity, specializing in three distinct areas. Our sales consultants are renowned industry experts in automotive equipment. With a wealth of experience exceeding 80 years collectively, they possess the knowledge to ensure that you make the right purchase, whether it’s a simple 2 post above-ground lift or a specialized and customized paint booth.

Our installation department comprises fully trained and specialized installers who ensure that your purchase is set up in strict accordance with manufacturer specifications.

The service department, staffed with full-time factory-trained technicians, is dedicated to conducting preventative maintenance to maintain your equipment’s peak performance. Additionally, they are prepared to address any equipment breakdowns that may arise.

These departments operate in harmony as the SAR team, with a common mission to fully satisfy our SAR customers throughout the entire duration of their equipment ownership.

History of SAR

SAR was started in 1982 by Samuel A. Ross to provide the best-in-class equipment to the southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware automotive markets.  Its focus was on delivering the best equipment with the best customer service in the marketplace.  41 years later and now a Parsons Ventures Inc. company, this commitment to top-of-the-line quality product and superior customer service has only grown stronger.  Today, our company of over 18 employees continues to work to provide our customers with an experience unsurpassed in the industry.  Over the years we have grown our services to include facility design and project management, installation of all types of equipment and mechanical fluid distribution systems, and a service department with trained and experienced technicians.  To discuss your equipment needs, contact us today.

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