COATS Wheel Balancers

From high capacity tire retailers to first time single bay independent repair garages, Coats offers a model for every level. With advanced weight placement software coupled with user friendly application features, the Coats product line takes wheel balancing to a new level. Depending on the features you would like for your wheel balancers, you can choose among different available models. Features can include:

  • Coats’ Direct Drive integrates motor and spindle resulting in “true zeros”
  • Hood with Integrated Auto Start
  • Integrated LED Matrix Display
  • Self-Calibrating For Balancing Accuracy
  • Coats Trademarked Laser Guided Operation
  • Multiple Balancing Modes
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Coats’ Static-on-Screen displays both static and unbalanced data
  • Coats’ Direct Tape-A-Weight adhesive weight balancing feature

Learn more about the different types of balancers available on the AMMCOATS website.