Exhaust Removal Systems

At Sar Automotive Equipment we provide a variety of state of the art options for removing exhaust fumes from your auto repair facility or dealership service department. We stock and service the two most trusted names in the exhaust removal industry: EuroVent and Harvey Industries, Inc.

Both EuroVent and Harvey Industries products meet building code safety standards to remove carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes from your automotive center. With an above ground extraction system retractable hoses are neatly elevated and out of the way when not in use. In ground, floor systems provide proper ventilation while being less expensive than overhead systems. The lowest cost, portable systems are easy to use and good solutions for smaller shops.

We can design a custom system for new building constructions and expansions or as a replacement to an existing system. Call us at 1-800-SAR-LIFT for our expert advise on what system is right for your service center.

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